Who would ever want a wedding here?

Seriously… your wedding day is suppose to be a fairytale.

Why in the world would you ever choose a location that would have no cover for you and your guest.  Where is it likely to be 95 degrees and sweltering heat on rocks, a torrential downpour of rain, or gusting winds. After all… you spent so much time picking a dress and fixing your hair and makeup – it seems silly to risk it all for your wedding day.

Then… you see this.

WEB_Jeanine Thurston Photography_GOG_7_2016_002.jpg

And this…

WEB_Jeanine Thurston Photography_GOG_7_2016_001.jpg

Suck it up cinderella and bring umbrellas, bring sunblock, sunglasses, put on hiking boots or at least sandals that can trek on rocks – and let go of what you might have been thinking for the perfect wedding day, because this my friends is as close to perfection as you’ll ever get for a wedding view.  When you and your guests stop for a moment and see this for the first time it simply takes your breath away.  Be grateful – because not everyone can pause and look around on a wedding day and think – holy %##! this is amazing… on top of being happy for the wedding couple.

Happiest of marriages to Haley & George – they waited out the storm for an idyllic setting for their vows.  With an intimate wedding with their family & closest friends surrounded by geological upheaval that dates to at least 1330 BC at best records when people first visited.  Garden of the Gods  (GOG) is one of the most beautiful places on this planet… so it is worth every possible inconvenience to have a marriage start here!


“May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently thorugh the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life.”

― Apache Blessing




Planner: Custom Weddings of Colorado  www.customweddingsofcolorado.com

Officiant: Edwin Ward (720)300-4492

Dinner: Briarhurst Manor contact – Janice Montoya manor5@briarhurst.com

Florist: Pink Posey Design www.pinkposeydesign.com

Baker: La Patisserie Francaise  www.LaPatBakery.com

Overnight Accommodations: The Mining Exchange (719)323-2000


Fall Family Days

Are you thinking about Fall yet? How could you be, after all just yesterday was….


Well we are thinking about Fall! Specifically Fall Family Days!! There will only be 8 sessions available this year so act fast! Sessions will be 45 minutes for $75.00. You will also have the availability to purchase the digital file package at 50% off within 30 days of your portrait album going live for viewing.

Here are the dates!

Fall Family Day Chautauqua Park will be held on October 15th

Fall Family Day Cheesemen Park will be held on November 6th

Please email Jenny at jennyb@fototails.com to check availability and reserve a session.

We look forward to seeing you this Fall!



Moving Outdoors…

As you may have read reacently we are going to be moving out of our studio! So you may be wondering where we plan on hosting portrait sessions….

Here are just a few…

The Denver Botanical Gardens


Chatfield Gardens



Daniel’s Park

15_10_23_Jeanine Thurston Photography_Reid_1-255.jpg DanielsP.jpg




McKay Lake


Central Park (in Broomfield… not New York City!)

Evergreen Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park

Waneka Lake


The Woods!!!!

 Where is your favorite outdoor spot? We love to hear about it, see it and photograph you there!  Please share with us where you like to get back to nature; we are always scouting for new locations!We are so excited to get outside with you in our beautiful Colorado!

Please contact us at jennyb@fototails.com to get your portrait session scheduled.


Andrea & Devan – RMNP Wedding


Rocky Mountain National Park is fast becoming my favorite location for a rogue wedding.  Elopement with just a few of your closest friends and family by your side – it is picture perfect – and I was so happy that the skies opened up for us this weekend.  The day prior was blistery cold and raining – I woke up to snow falling in Estes Park – and yet we had beautiful clouds with patches of blue sky for the ceremony time!

We followed the ceremony with dinner atNicky’s Steakhouse!  Thanks to Custom Weddings of Colorado for orchestrating everything to go perfectly as planned! Pink Posey – Buffy is AMAZING with the wedding bouquets!!!

On a rainy day in April – RMNP

Neubacher_Griffin_-73A fantastic rainy day in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was freezing with the wet heavy rain and clouds that rolled in requiring everyone

Weddings don’t stop for weather and it really didn’t matter because all of Tessa & John’s closest family/friends where there for the beautiful views and to see their favorite people tie the knot.   Smiles on everyone’s faces – I don’t think I’ve seen happier parents and so full of pride!  Love this family.  Custom Weddings of Colorado had umbrellas to fight off the rain – and Buffy from Pink Posey dressed everything in beautiful flowers – she is amazing!

Best was the surprise at the end.  Once we tracked back for dinner at Hunter’s Chophouse in Estes Park… and the cutting of the cake had a little extra special meaning.  Wendee the wedding planner and La Patisserie Francaise were the only ones beside’s Tessa’s doctor – what the cake would reveille as the flavor of the “baby on the way!”

IT’S A BOY!   So excited – everyone was as excited as the couple!

THINK OUTSIDE… no box required.

So, I live in this beautiful state called Colorado.  I travel all around the world to photograph in amazing places and I finally stopped to contemplate my studio in Denver.  I started to list off and ask people about all of the amazing places to photograph in our state and realized… I’ve only been to a very few in comparison to what is out there.  Then, I got a little excited that I have so much to explore and photograph HERE… within a day drive.  This summer I plan on hitting a handful of my missed opportunities to photograph in beautiful places right around where I live.

Next chain of thought as I looked closely at my calendar and see my time is completely booked for the next 4 months…. all shoots and sessions are on-location and mostly outdoors.   I DO love my studio, but it was time to consider photographing inside a box vs. photographing outdoors and at locations that are more about making memories and capturing the beauty that surrounds us.  When I photograph in other states and other countries I never consider photographing my clients IN A BOX of a studio… it is always finding beautiful and unique locations – so why would I settle for a box here in Denver?  Maybe to avoid weather and rescheduling, newborns… I know there are a handful of reasons why – they just don’t outweigh WHERE I love to photograph.  I like the challenge of outdoor lighting, I like people interacting with their surroundings, and I really like creating a real experience outdoors.

SO after two decades of a studio – MAY 30th, 2016 is my last day at my Denver studio.  I am taking ALL of my shoots exclusively outdoors and on-location.  It may mean a few rescheduled dates here and there… or an umbrella, scarf, or hat… but I’m choosing to stay true to what I want in images for every client – OUTSIDE – EXPLORE – NATURE.  We have been scouting new locations to offer people and some old ones that are always amazing too!

BOOK in advance so we can reserve time for you ~ currently we are booking out 16-20 weeks for weekend dates!  Soon we will be announcing styled shoot dates/locations too!


Mom & Me portraits

I’ve been photographing Mom and Me portraits for years now… but this year it means a little more than usual.  This past December my mother passed – we didn’t have much time from her cancer diagnosis to her passing … it was three short months and she lived over a thousand miles away so I made time to take a few last trips to spend time with her.

You don’t need to have studio portraits with me of course…. just take photos with those you love and spend time with them as much as you possibly can.  These are the last memories I have with my mother and I have them…. and they weren’t professional, they were selfies…the important thing is that I have them to remember the last few moments/days that I had with her.

April 17th, & April 23rd, 2016 we will be holding Mom & Me portrait sessions an my Denver studio.  There will be a limited amount of sessions available – and the cost for the portrait session will be $100 donation to a cancer charity of your choice.  Simply donate to the charity from our computer on the day of your session, or bring in a receipt of your donation on the day of your session.  If you would prefer us to choose, please make checks payable to Fototails Photography for $100 or more and we will be forwarding these proceeds to a cancer charity to be announced at the session.

Please e-mail jennyb@fototails.com to book your Mom & me portrait session!

The Holiday Cookie

Depending on your country and culture your cookie traditon might slightly vary from your neighbors down the street. Thanks to my five year old son’s class taking a journey into other culture’s holiday traditons we continued this adventure at home. Every year, just a couple days before Christmas, all the children are brought together to make cookies. My son and I started to wonder what types of cookies are made in other countries across the globe (also part of his current curriculum…the globe)! We discovered in Sweden it’s the Papparkakor, in Germany it’s Spritz and Lebkuchen, the Norwegians make Krumkake, the Jewish enjoy Hamantaschen and Rugelach and in Africa they make a Benne Wafer.

Now baking cookies for the holidays really began to catch on across Europe around the 1500’s but it would be another 100 years before the concept came to America with the Dutch in the early 1600’s. Step foward another 200+ years and the cookie world in America exploded with new designs thanks to changes in importation laws and inexspensive cookie cutters from Germany! I have to wonder what shapes and designs were cut by HAND prior to the cookie cutter!!

One thing is for sure the holiday cookie tradition has brought pople together for centuries and continues today. Families and friends gather for hours to bake, package and deliver holiday treats made with love! I enjoy every year the unexpected ring at the door bell and opening my front door to the faces of a smiling family out delivering holiday treats. I love seeing and tasting what someone elses family tradition or cultural background has brought to my Yule Season.

We’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite holiday cookie recipes over the next two weeks. We would like you to share with us your families holiday traditions and include a photo. We’ll pick our favorite on January 1st and you’ll receive a free portrait session.

Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays.


Honey Tahini Cookies


These Tahini cookies with honey, almond meal and sesame seeds are amazing!  The kids had a blast – and although they look a little crazy in the photos, I did make some that looked perfectly round… but the kids were so proud that they made these – I promised I would only post photos of what they made!  Image


1 1/2 cups almond meal

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup tahini (sesame paste)
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4  cup plain toasted sesame seeds

1/4 cup of black sesame seeds

Yields about 20 cookies
Preheat oven to 350F & Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a bowl, combine almond meal, salt and baking soda.
In another bowl, stir together honey, tahini and vanilla extract until combined.

Add the almond meal mixture to the honey tahini mixture and stir until well incorporated.

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