Fall Family Days Are Around The Corner

That Last Camp Fire

School Begins, Back To Routines

Harvesting and Storing Like The Squirrells

Autumn Hikes Through Crispy Leaves

Lemonade Stands Turn To Apple Cider Stands

Chimney Smoke and Your Favorite Sweater

Finding That Perfect Pumpkin


These are a few of my favorite things about Autumn… I look forward to them, I cherish the moments. I reflect on my family and what the Spring and Summer has brought us. I take note of how my children have grown, changed and what they have learned.

Every year in the Autumn I like to have family portraits done to capture the year with my family. For some people it’s annual photos at the beach or the green grassey fields of summer family reunions. For me it’s the tall golden grasses and the kaleidoscope of leaves.

Please join us for Fall Family Days 2015

September 27th at a location in Idaho Springs CO TBA

October 17th at Varsity Pond in Boulder CO

November 28th at Cheesman Park in Denver CO

We will be doing 45 minute sessions for $50. Please contact Jenny @ jennyb@fototails.com or (720)454-7608 to schedule your session.



In memory of my grandpa

As I got the call this morning that my grandpa had passed, you can’t help but remember all the little things.  I remember stories being told to me about him (good and bad), and this is what I have – and it could be truth or not – as much of this is from when I was a young kid; so who knows if what I remember is fact – but it’s how I remember it.

He use to make my grandma cringe….  yeah – every time he would walk past her it would poke her or grab her neck and she would say “knock it off dicky.”  He was fairly quiet until he wasn’t.  He had a sawmill/lumberyard and we (meaning the cousins) would play and climb the logs and play around the saws and search for the stray cats hiding in the logs until he would come out and holler at the top of his lungs – getottahere!  I think he did it less because he didn’t want us playing for safety reasons, and more because he loved to see us all run and scatter for fear of getting in trouble because we weren’t suppose to play in there.

Every dinner that we ever had at my grandparents house was followed by grandpa going to the recliner and taking a nap and taking over the TV with western movies.  We would sometimes pester him until he took a swat at us…. and parents would be shushing us or telling us to play outside; but more than once I saw him grinning… because he took pleasure in watching us squirm and hustle.

He had a pig named BOOF BOOF.  It was a 200 year old pig… well not really… he butchered it every year and got a new one, but it always had the same name every year and every get together it was an event to go see how freakishly huge the pig was.  Then he would pick one or two of us and drape us over the gate telling us he was feeding us to the pig… until we squealed, and he got a huge grin on his face.  He would grunt at us more than he would speak, but you knew when he was happy or amused.

He was a little evil (ok maybe more than a little), as he got a huge kick out of making the dogs scream… by pulling their ears until they yelped.  I never said he was perfectly nice – again – he was most pleased by getting a reaction out of others, human or animal.  He had a couple geese later than were quite mean… possibly because he hassled them – and yet for some reason no matter how much torture went on, we all loved him just the same – even the animals.

He would take us on tractor rides – or whatever fun farm thing he had to ride around in.  Would go pick blackberries occasionally, and when I was really young he would help me find walking stick bugs around their house.

He was a logger all his life that was allergic to bees…. how that all works I don’t know – but obviously he lived to be 89 so either someone was telling me a fib or he was just damn lucky. He couldn’t read – and nobody really spoke of it, but when he got cards or there was something to read he would have my grandma or one of his kids, or us read things to him.  He ran a successful business despite this shortcoming (or because my grandmother ran the show really).  He built log cabins, and when he was in the hospital years ago with gall stones passing – I bought him a stack of timber house magazines… and sat with him for a couple hours… we didn’t speak more than two words.  All he did was grunt smile and say neeno, yet you could tell he was happy I was there.

He loved his slot machines – and many times father’s day was spent at a casino.  Yes… all of us, even the kids… (not so regulated back then).   My grandma passed some years prior to this – but both of them were awesome and playing cards and dice was just something you learned young in my family.  If you served him he loved it – make him breakfast or dinner and you got to the top of his list.  He loved his money so much that he buried it all in jars…. and my grandma had a map of the treasure… to my knowledge he had dug it all up and spent it all after my grandma passed… but good for him!

Mance got the brunt of my grandpa’s sass… because my grandpa loved to trick people into taking a shot of 151 Bacardi.  They felt compelled with his peer pressure to do a shot with him; unknowing that it wasn’t just a normal shot and he would giggle with pride like a child when they did the shot and then saw the burn of it on their faces.

He was not always nice to others that I love dearly, personally I think that my grandma held him together and made him a better man and once she passed he had lost the glue in his life.  But I prefer to remember that I have a lot of amazing memories of him.

I got his sass, and his stubborn nature – I’ll take that.  My last grandparent has passed.





$25 for a one hour session for any multiples… newborns, babies, children, teens, or adults.  (twins, triplets or more)



I love my kids, and there is nothing better than to have some warm fuzzy, or fun portraits with your children.  Mother’s day is just around the corner – so this gives you time to drop hints, do a session and get something special for mother’s day too.  It’s ok to help the people out in your life and tell them you want some great portraits with your kids as a gift! $25 mommy & me sessions for the entire month of April 2015.



Summer is sneaking up and keep your eyes peeled… we will be listing locations around Denver and in the mountains to get some family portraits or children’s portraits.


5 days a week. WHAT IS THAT?

Over 25 years as a professional photographer. Yes, I’m still running a full time photography business. While during the past 25 years I have pretty much photographed everything you can imagine – and worked 7 days a week for the past 25 years…. I’m cutting my work-schedule to 5 days a week. Shocker – I know.
Lots of people out there realize this is what normal people do – work 40 hour work weeks. I have not known a 40 hour work week since I was 18 years old. I didn’t become a Brand Partner at Nerium because I’m quitting my labor of love for photography. I partnered with Nerium, because I wanted to:
1. Focus on my family
2. Focus on my best customers and give them the attention they deserve
3. Focus on photography that gives the most back to my heart.
Being a Nerium Brand-Partner has simply allowed me to do more of what I love to do AND have a family/personal life going forward.
Long-time loyal clients, I will always photograph anything for them within the new 5 day work week.
However, I will be having a little more focus going forward.
Weddings – Materinty/Newborns – Family Portraits 

Styled portraits (children & women)

Dance/ballet Fine Art Portraits

Food photography (limited to 2 corporate clients/year)
Because we are going to a NORMAL work-schedule, some times of the year will book up more quickly. I will continue to do fall family days each year. If you are pregnant and looking forward to newborn portraits, we will schedule a date based on your due date and then leave flexibility in the schedule so that we can assure time to photograph your newborn when they actually do arrive (sooner or later smile emoticon
If you want to keep up to date on Styled shoots and special studio events, please like our Facebook page Jeanine Thurston Photography or follow my BLOG at http://www.fototails.me

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What’s so great about network marketing?

There are a couple reasons to join a network marketing business.



If you’re only joining for the first of the above reasons you are likely to fail and the marketing/business structure will not work for you.  The amazing thing about a good network marketing company – is that you make money by helping others succeed.

This concept is a difficult shift to make for many that come from the traditional corporate world.

IT’S A PYRAMID THING.  Well, in actuality, traditional corporations are built more like a pyramid than a network marketing company.  You have your CEO or top, and then it trickles down into a pyramid shape of the amount of salary, benefits, support… so if you want to think of a pyramid – look at traditional corporations, churches… etc.  How a good network marketing company works is actually a reverse pyramid structure.  In network marketing, your base isn’t on the ground at all – your base is at the top and the top is pulling you up not pushing you to the bottom.  Network marketing’s focus is getting more people to the top… sounds good right? No more trying to hold your position at the company by suppressing others…. instead being rewarded for helping other succeed.

WHY THE BAD RAP?  Back to the beginning of this post.  To succeed in network marketing you need to want to succeed and to help others succeed.  Many people only partner with a network marketing company to make money – if they don’t see a huge cash flow in the first few weeks or months, or if they encounter any opposition they feel discouraged and quit, and many times bad-mouth the company.

Now it has been found that people that can delay gratification often led more successful lives than those who could not.  That delay in gratification is a tough one to swallow sometimes.


~You have a business structure thats goal is for YOU to succeed.

~Company focus is on developing not only your business skills, but your emotional intelligence.

~You are an entrepreneur – you make your own hours, your growth is directly linked to your efforts.

~Opportunity for residual income.

~Positive  team support.

~In many cases you have the opportunity to start with a network marketing company with spare time before you decide to leave your day job, or keep your day job if you love that too.

~In a good network marketing company you are not limited in growth potential by the person who recruited you.  You are part of a team, but not stuck under management.  You have the opportunity to surpass earnings of anyone above you.


If you do your research and find a good network marketing company.  If you go into it with the intent to not only help yourself but also help others.  If you DON’T quit too soon, and have the ability to delay gratification and self motivate.  It’s a place where emotional intelligence outweighs book-smarts, which means anyone can achieve and succeed with the right company and the right personal outlook and drive to succeed.  Ask yourself this… are you coachable?  If you are – and willing to follow the steps of those that are already succeeding in the company – you have a good chance of success.


Yes – it’s always important to do your homework before you start with a company, start your own company… educate yourself about the product(s), company, and leadership within the company.  The random internet article doesn’t mean it’s fact either – research reputable sources!


-What is the product?

-When/how will you start actually making money?

-Where is the product available and where can it be promoted?

-Is the industry that the company is part if growing?

-How were you recruited and by who? Is the person that recruited your reputable?

WHY are you doing this… THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!  It’s not for the immediate cash crunch you may be in at the moment, or the get rich quick – that’s what the lotto is for.  But if you believe in the product, and the company is structured well, and if it has great leadership – it can mean residual income and financial security with some effort by you in building your team and helping others succeed.

Just my thoughts/experience.

Jeanine Thurston, MBA – Business & Marketing



Motivational Monday – conscious effort to re-motivate

A couple years ago, I started blocking off Mondays.  Yes, I still work from home and take the occasional work assignment – but most Mondays I try to use now as my reset for the week.  Playing catch up on odds & ends, and lots of time reflecting, crying, getting out frustrations and meditating to get my mind back in order.

I come from a family with a lot of strengths and a LOT of weaknesses (I’m sure many can relate) – all of which I have inherited and really are at a vast spectrum from each other.  It happens to be one of the reasons I went to get my first degree in Psychology over 24 years ago now… because I was a little afraid of what might come down the line and felt like I needed some basis to deal with it if the time ever came.  A couple decades after I graduated I was just living life without any real reflective thoughts that were very deep…then just a few years back I started feeling the strain… first ignoring it, and then struggling with what was happening – or what I was finally owning as happening.

My heart and moral compass started to struggle with how to handle reality.  How to handle people you love completely detaching from you, loss of relationships, loss of trust, not understanding why people act they way they do – and having a mind that always wanted to know WHY for every situation,  not understanding people who closed down, not understanding dishonesty, not understanding why people are so unwilling to listen, why people are so set in their thinking… and I could go on and on.  All of this would make me angry, unsettled, and anxious constantly.

Now I’m not saying that any of these feelings have changed.  But I have made conscious choice to re-motivate myself on a daily basis.  I use motivational Monday to post some blurbs that I find online that I connect with – because I like to share; but, daily I do this for myself.  I find some words that re-connect me with what I agree with in my own mind, and then I always find a few minutes to shut out everything and meditate and reset myself each day (and sometimes more than once a day).  I’m constantly searching for education on ways to guide me in life.  These are a few quotes that I love to read over and over again.

If you have any self-help, books on motivation… or any books you love – please share!

1045252_497887530290397_245161766_n quote-ignorance-is-not-bliss-ignorance-is-ignorance-anonymous-353619il_570xN.464774842_9rkr img-thing rottenecard_52994288_bqfrc33q79 tumblr_m44ot5keSD1r08qs8o1_500

Happy New Year

A New Year and New Adventures

We have said our goodbyes to 2014 and begin to warmly greeting a new year. Okay maybe not with warm temperatures but warm hearts!!

A new year can hold so many moments! New adventures, moments of achievement, soulful smiles and laughter, times of saying goodbye and the start of new chapters.

I think back on graduation parties, important birthdays, holiday parties, new beginings and so on that I wish I would have documented better over the years.

Think about what your year is going to hold. Think about what you want to rememebr and document to look back on and reflect. How are you going to capture these moments of your life?

We have two great options for capturing a year of special moments! Our Chronicles Series are great ways to document your year.

The Chronicles Series I: $1800

3) 90 minute portrait sessions to be used over 12 months and a $300 print credit for each session

The Chronicles Series II: $2500

3) 90 minute portrait sessions to be used over 12 months and the digital files package from each session

These sessions could be used for:

The Documentation of a Pregnancy

A Birth, 6 Months and Year

Birthday Parties…even the big ones, 50, 60, 70!!!


To Annouce a Secret…such as moving or expecting a child


Capturing Him or Her saying YES!

Saying Goodbye to someone leaving for service or work overseas or in another country.

Graduations and other school milestones; like becoming a 1st grader or finishing elementary school!!

These moments that hold space in your heart can be captured and we would love to be a part of those moments.

Nerium Press Release Nov 2014

Nerium International and its CMO Receive Awards
Press Release | 11/18/2014

ADDISON, Texas, Nov. 18, 2014 — Nerium International, the leader in age-defying skincare products, and its Chief Marketing Officer, Amber Olson Rourke, continue to earn accolades for business innovation, receiving awards in the following categories during the 11th annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business ceremony:
Company of the Year – Consumer Products – More Than 10 Employees (Gold)

Women Helping Women – Business (Gold)

Fastest Growing Company of the Year (Silver)

Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services – 11 to 2,500 Employees (Bronze)

Woman of the Year – Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations (Bronze)

Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Bronze)

Nerium International also received the Grand Stevie Award for submitting one of the best collections of entries in this year’s competition. The Grand Stevie Award trophy, which was introduced to the competition in 2013, is only awarded to a handful of organizations in each of the Stevie Awards’ five competitions.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are the world’s top honors for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run. All individuals and organizations worldwide are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. The 2014 awards received entries from 22 nations and territories.

“At Nerium, we’re passionate about creating opportunities for women in business, and couldn’t be more proud of Amber for all she’s accomplished on behalf of Nerium at such a young age,” said Jeff Olson, CEO of Nerium International. “Amber’s success in this competition not only reflects her dedication and hard work, but where Nerium is going as a company.”

Nerium achieved more than $100 million in sales during its first year of business, with just one product in its portfolio. As a result of its unprecedented and continued success, Nerium has become the youngest company ever to make the Direct Selling News’ Global 100 List and to receive the Bravo Growth Award from Direct Selling News. In 2014, Nerium was recognized for the second time in a row on Direct Selling News’ Global Top 100 List, jumping from number 86 to number 54 on the list. Continuing its impressive path, Nerium has since added three more products to its lineup, continuing to grow more than $400 million in revenue in just three short years.